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About Home Drug Test

Drug tests look for the presence of illegal substances in the body. A standard test may require one of the following: urine, saliva, blood, sweat, or hair samples. The test is used to determine if a person has used cocaine, marijuana, barbiturates, and a lot of other drugs in the past days or weeks. Read more about drugs in this link here.

There are a lot of companies that do drug testing to ensure that their employees do not use illegal substances. There are sports organizations that ensure their athletes do not use prohibited drugs that can enhance their skills. In some forensic cases, testing can be part of the investigation in vehicular accidents or it can be ordered by the court. It can be also administered to monitor the use of opium in the case of health care providers that want to know if their patients are taking the right dose of a drug.

No matter what the reason is, if you know that you are going to be tested in the next few days, you need to do everything to pass the test. This is because there can be severe consequences if your results turned out to be positive. You might lose your job, get fined, or even go to jail.

The best way to pass a test is to do home drug testing. If you want a hundred percent guarantee that you are not going to fail, the best way to go is to recreate the tests that are done in the laboratories so that you can anticipate the results. If the results are positive, you still have time to cleanse yourself. You can visit sites such as https://cleardrugtests.com/best-home-drug-testing-kits/ for further information about home drug tests.

Procedure for At Home Testing

Strips – There are a lot of online shops on the web that provides urine test strips. You can collect a specimen of urine and put it in a dry and clean container. Open the kit package where the strips are. Dip a piece of the strip into the urine sample immediately after unboxing the package. You might see a wavy line section on the strip depending on the brand. If there are a few wavy lines, immerse that part for at least 15 seconds in the sample. Lay the strip on a flat surface and wait for the results. You should see several colored lines that will begin to appear. You can use the guide on the booklet to read the colored lines for the results.

iCups – This process involves a donor that provides a urine sample in the iCup. The iCup provides a temperature reading so that users can ensure that the specimen is between 90◦F to 100◦F. When the specimen is within this temperature range, this is an indication that it is fresh. You can pull off the label to see if the adulteration strip has colored lines. You can read the results when 5 minutes have passed. Read the results according to the instructions provided in the packaging.

The whole process can take less than 30 minutes. These rapid test results are accurate especially if the specimen is collected within an hour. The results should not take more than 5 minutes to appear after the strips are placed on the specimen or after the specimen is placed on the iCups. Note that after using these drug test kits, you may have to purchase another one if you want to repeat the processes since most of them are non-reusable.

Accuracy of the Tests

Most home drug-testing kits are sensitive to the metabolites present in the urine. This means that if the person has used illegal substances in the past few days, the kit can detect the presence of the metabolites of the parent drug and can give a positive result. There are cases when faint lines appear on the kits which indicate a negative result. These faint lines are not a measure of whether the person has used small amounts of drugs in the past. If there are faint lines on the negative section, then this simply means that a person has passed the test.

There are also false positives that can result from adulterated samples. In this case, there should be at least 3 sets of at-home testing kits that should be prepared to have accurate results. Note that some food, supplements, medications, and beverages can affect the results. There are other factors that can contribute to a false positive such as:

  • How the Test was Done
  • How the Urine Sample was Stored
  • The Food or Beverage Taken Before the Test
  • Any Over-the-counter or Prescription Drugs took Prior to the Test

GCMS Testing

Most laboratories use GCMS or gas chromatography-mass spectrometry to detect the presence of drugs. This is a more expensive way of finding out whether a person has used illegal substances in the past. The strips and home test kits are not like GCMS. However, if the results are negative, there’s no need to seek further laboratory methods such as GCMS or otherwise.

Note that some kits only detect the presence of common drugs such as cannabis or barbiturates. Some of them may not detect the presence of LSD, fentanyl, soma, magic mushrooms, and spice. It is better to ask the manufacturer before buying to ensure accurate results.

A Final Word about Home Drug-Testing Kits

The kit may contain collection cups, strips, cards, cassettes, or other methods for testing urine samples. The test is designed to be performed inside the comfort of your own house. There’s also a leaflet that contains instruction on how to do the tests. Read and understand the leaflet first before collecting a sample. Collect everything according to the instructions written on the booklet. If the preliminary results indicate the presence of a drug, it is better to take detox drinks or do everything to flush out the metabolites from the body.

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