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Eye Twitch – A Serious Problem That Can Lead to Muscle Disorder

Eye twitching is generally harmless, but if the problem persists then you should surely visit an ophthalmologist. Eye twitching is the result of spasm that is caused by the nerve cell. The electrical activity that occurs in brain forces nerve cells to send signals to muscles. This signal causes spasm. Eye twitch generally happens once a while, but when it continues for few minutes in a day then it is suggested to visit a doctor.

If you cannot consult a doctor then you can always visit an optical center where they check eye sight for free through computerized machine. This way, every month just one trip to an optical center can help you avoid wearing eye glasses. For further information, on the nearest optical Centre, type eye exam near me on the search engine, and internet will provide with a list of shops and clinics where you can get your eye tested.

Eye twitching cannot be seen by everyone because it happens instantly and vanishes. Here are some reasons for it –

  • Stress is the main reason for any kind of health issue thus, to reduce stress one should start breathing exercise, yoga, spend some time with friends and pets for relaxation.
  • Lack of sleeplessness also causes eye twitching. Thus, take at least eight hours of sound sleep because that can also be a cause of fatigue and stress.
  • Working continuously on computer or laptop without taking a break also affects eyes and leads to twitching, dryness, redness and itching. Therefore, always follow the 20-20 rule in which after 20 minutes you remove your attention from computer and glare at an object which is at far distance for 10-15 seconds and if possible take five minutes break in every hour.
  • Caffeine and alcohol can also cause eye twitching, therefore cut down on all those things that contain caffeine and alcohol to see if problem persists.
  • Sometimes diet doesn’t provide all nutrition that is required for a human body, thus consult a doctor to add some nutritional supplements in your daily routine.

There are majorly three ways of curing this eye twitching –

  • Botox injection is considered the finest treatment and one injection is effective for nearly 3 months. These injections reduce the action of muscles that control eyelids.
  • Oral medicines and eye drops are also another way of controlling eye twitching.
  • Surgery is the last option when none of the above treatments are beneficial. In this procedure a few or all the muscles that cause twitching are removed, but this is considered the last mode of treatment.

If it gets difficult to keep eyes open after eyelids drop down, or there are certain abnormal movement on your face which only you can feel, then it is an indication of serious problem. Rush to a doctor if twitching persists for many days.

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