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Get Spa Treatment to Reduce Stress and Soothe Your Tired Muscles

With spa treatment, your skin will feel velvety smooth. It is as important as cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating skin of your body.

This spa treatment can be done any time of the year, however during winter, and it will moisturize your skin when the skin usually remains dry and flaky due to many reasons.

Body scrub

Body scrub is one of the most popular treatments in the city spa. It is also called body polish, sea-salt scrub or salt glow. This exfoliating treatment is done on the massage table which remains covered with thin plastic sheet.

Either you have to remove all the clothes or will be provided with disposable underwear for covering vital parts of the body.

You have to lie on your stomach, and the therapist will rub mixture of oil, sea salt and aromatics into your skin. Thus, your skin will be exfoliated and you will feel fresh and soft.

After your whole body gets scrubbed within 10 to 15 minutes, you can shower without soap, which leaves nice oil coating.

Different scrub materials or oils are used. Often a hydrating lotion can also be used afterwards.

Body masks

After a scrub, body mask takes place. The aesthetician will first rinse off salt and slather you by using mud, algae, or any seaweed and then wrap you in thermal blanket.

With this detoxifying treatment, your metabolic system will be stimulated, speed up its ability of carrying away waste products. In case, the product is lotion or cream, it is a “hydrating” treatment.

Body wrap is a wrapping treatment that is used for treating cellulite. Sometimes it has diuretic effect which aids in temporary reduction of weight.

What should be done after body treatment?

After body treatment your skin may become bit tender particularly if it involves deep body scrub.

However, it will be fine to take shower after body treatment and also lather your body by using soap, then rub gently your washcloth in circles for removing any leftover lotion or dead skin.

Advantages of body treatments

With body treatments it will help to decrease cellulite, prevent wrinkles and also slow signs of aging and leave the skin looking much fresher and younger.

Salt, seaweed, charcoal, mud and mineral wraps will be also excellent ingredients for exfoliating your skin and removing toxins.

With various other spa services and body treatments it can help improve your mental health as well because it will reduce stress, soothe your tired muscles, and also relax your mind and body.

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