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Guide 101: Creating The Perfect Website For Health & Fitness Niche!

A good website, regardless of the niche and other factors, should be appealing, informative, easy to use and navigate, and must deliver what is promised. However, just focusing on a random design is not enough. If you are trying to launch a website related to health, fitness and healthcare, there are a few basic aspects that must be considered. In this post, we are sharing a guide that will help in sorting ideas and options.

Website builders vs. web designers

One of the first steps for designing a website is to find a platform. You need to decide if you want to hire a web designer or want to use one of the most popular website builders. Both have a few pros and cons, but if you are on a budget or if this is a health website that is just being tested, we strongly recommend that you consider website builders. There are online guides that compare the best options.

Fitness web design trends

The industry that you are operating in must be considered. Health and fitness websites need to be sleek, stylish and simple. You don’t want the design to be complicated, because these websites often have loads of articles, contents, and videos, and if the theme or design is too heavy, visitors may become impatient and quit. Consider how much content you wish to upload per week and base your design on that. Check what other websites are doing in the same category, and you can find inspirational ideas.

Create a health and fitness brand

If you want your website to stand out and become a brand, the logo, color scheme, and overall theme of the website must be considered carefully. While you can always change some of the aspects and design elements later, consistency is the key here. It is absolutely important to focus on how people perceive the brand, and if you can maintain the tonality from day one, half of the branding battle is won.

Use original contents, photos and ideas

There are thousands of websites that focus on health and fitness and only a few stand out. The best websites are those that have regular updates and genuine content. If you have the budget, click a few original photos that will be used on your website, and the contents must have images and videos to gain attention. Shooting YouTube videos and embedding those doesn’t have to be complicated.

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