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How Important a Hairline Design in the Hair Transplants by Dr Suneet Soni

The procedure of hair transplant involves the process of both the surgical and artistic sense that decides the success of the procedure and this is very important for a surgeon to know each aspect related to the procedure. One must have a specialization in the field of the hair transplant surgery in terms of establishing the artistic pattern in the procedure via the hairline design, slitting process as well as the implantation of the grafts.

The hair transplant in Delhi is becoming a popular option due to the best availability of the surgeon and recognized clinics with the plus benefits of the affordable cost option. According to Dr Suneer Soni, creating the hairline design is one of the artistic concerns in the hair transplant surgery upon which the remainder of the procedure based upon. The success of the procedure is wholly and solely depends on the artistic concern on the surgery in which hairline design is at the top to decide the artistic success of the surgery.

As far as the hairline design is concerned, it is a combined effect of aesthetic judgment, logical decision-ability, experience in the hair transplant field and a keen artistic eye. However, a surgeon must have the ability to decide the procedure according to the patient’s age, sex, and facial profile that has an ultimate goal to meet the aesthetic demand of the surgery.

The hairline design is the fundamental need in the surgery that must be created according to the patient’s facial profile and their professional requirement thus it is a prime responsibility of a surgeon to manage the same with true aesthetic skills and understanding.

Why Hairline is so important in Hair Transplant Surgery?

  • It will establish a suitable frame to the face: A properly designed hairline by the expert surgeon establishes a suitable frame to the face and it gets obvious on the frontal hairline design. The hair transplant success is wholly and solely dependent on the hairline design that is firstly highlighted on the face and thus has a prime role in hair restoration surgery. The performing surgeon must have an outstanding sense to create the hairline design according to the patient’s wish and expectation that also matched the aesthetic basics of the restoration surgery.
  • Hairline Design is an artistic Endeavour: The best hairline design is an artistic endeavour of the surgery that requires aesthetic judgment, restoration planning, logical decision-making sense, and a keen artistic eye to decide the procedure relevancy with respect to achieving the best hairline design. One must have a vast experience in the respective field that makes a surgeon able to take the right decision at the right time.
  • Lowest acceptable point of Hairline Design: The scalp naturally slopes from a horizontal to a vertical orientation, however a point of intersection at 45 degrees notify the placement of hairline above this point in order to look natural and aesthetically beautiful. If a hairline is paced below the point of intersection at 45 degrees result in an unnatural hairline design. The hair hairline placement in the surgery defines the surgeon’s precision, perfection, and an outstanding sense to perform the procedure as it must be balanced with one’s scalp, type of hair loss encountered, and recession of temporal hair, among other parameters.
  • It gives the overall success of the Procedure: Needless to say, a properly designed hairline gives a special impact on the hair transplant surgery by offering the best outcomes in terms of aesthetic beauty and artistic balance. The natural hairline camouflages the effect of hair restoration surgery also and makes it difficult to distinguish between normal and transplanted hair. Therefore, the hairline design in the hair transplant surgery gives the natural result if planned and placed accordingly.
  • Slope, angle, shape & Position of Hairline: While designing the hairline, an expert surgeon imagines the viewing of the hairline from the front, obliquely from sides and in a mirror to ensure about the shape, size, angle, and positioning of the hairline that must match to patient’s facial profile, age, sex, and professional needs. However, a surgeon must possess an outstanding aesthetic sense to create the best natural hairline.
  • The shape of the temporal angle must be considered: While designing the hairline, the shape of the temporal area must be considered as it represents the unzipping of the hairline. It is mandatory that the temple should exhibit an angle in which temple and hairline perfectly match in a particular shape and size. However, the temporal triangle must be considered with respect to creating and placing the hairline accordingly. 


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant must be received from the expert and experienced surgeon having the outstanding sense to perform the procedure with the best match to the patient’s facial profile, age, sex, and their professional requirement.

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