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Indoor Rock Climbing: Important Things you Should Know

Rock climbing is a fun sport that can be done nearly anywhere in the world. Whether you want to take part in an indoor or outdoor rock climbing, it is an excellent activity to squeeze in some exercise. If you haven’t tried rock climbing before, think about starting with an indoor wall so you only have to deal with fewer elements. Spend time in indoor rock climbing montreal at a gym to practice before dealing with the real thing.

Styles of Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing has many styles such as:

  • Top rope climbing. This climbing style involves securely attaching yourself to a rope looped through an anchor system at the top. There is another person below who will assist your climb. The person is called the belayer. A belay is employed in most climbing gyms to help catch climbers in case they fall.
  • Bouldering. Bouldering is a free reign wall where climbers can climb without a rope or harness. Often, boulders are placed close to the ground. They are meant to help you practice your grip and improve your ability to move from one place to another.

Bouldering gyms place thick padded mats on the floor for the safety of the climbers in case they fall. Although this activity can sound scary, it is an excellent way to build skill and strength while navigating one’s way among the different routes within the boulder.

  • Lead climbing. You can start climbing after you are comfortable in indoor rock climbing. In this climbing style, you are attached to bolts within the route. While scaling the wall, you attach yourself to the route’s face by clipping yourself on. You will need plenty of practice with your hand technique so you can clip the rope into the quickdraw, learn about rope positioning, and know how to fall.

Climbing Safety and Gear

When picking a gym for indoor rock climbing, you want to first consider their gear. Keep in mind that your safety is in the hands of a few ropes and harnesses to ensure they are in great shape. When you go into a gym, check their climbing harness, the grip and outer sole of their shoes as well as the quality of their locking carabiners. Although most rental equipment comes with a climbing session, it is worth double checking before you sign up. But, you can also prefer to build your own gear collection.

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