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Having luscious hair doesn’t only make you feel confident but also makes you feel sexy. “FUE ARTAS devices allows us to extract extremely small hair grafts with atraumatic techniques. Small, micro-units are placed in slits which heal rapidly. The donor areas do not have a long and deep incision but tiny holes that close within days, which means that there is minimal discomfort, shares a leading surgeon from Hair Transplant Institute,” when speaking about why FUE is a popular choice. The period of recovery is brief, so during that time, it is prudent to put various activities that you enjoy on a hold. Activities like working out, swimming and even sex. Here is why you should consider it.

Make an informed decision:

When consulting a surgeon, they would provide you with a series of instructions for recovery in advance. If there are any medications that you need to discontinue, what activities to avoid and how long the healing process is, is all informed to you. Though it is a minimally invasive procedure, special care needs to be taken of the incision to avoid any infection, bleeding or impair the healing process.

How is sex related to recovery?

If you think avoiding touching your hair during sex solves the problem, then you are wrong. During any sexual activity the heart rate increases and there is fluctuation in blood pressure, which would also require you to avoid exercising for a while. The heart rate and the blood pressure increases naturally and the heart will pump the blood harder. In such a situation, the pressure on the little vessel increases, which implies that the newly implanted grafts and their blood supply would also feel the pressure. Avoid bending over, workout or engaging in sex or any other cardio activity. The increase in pressure in the scalp blood vessels could lead to bleeding or even push out the grafts.

How long do the restrictions last?

Once you’ve undergone a hair transplant, you would be adviced against shampooing as usual for around a week. You could carefully rinse your hair with clean water according to the instructions given to you by your surgeon. Avoid swimming pools, hot tubs and baths as they could induce bacteria into the graft and make you susceptible to infection. You can resume routine workouts and sexual activity within 10 to 14 days after the procedure.

Light activity is fine, as you can’t be bedridden through the recovery process. Most patients often return to their work within 3 to 5 days of the procedure. They can socialize with or without covering their scalp. In case you plan to be out in the sun it is better to cover your scalp. Within the first year, the application of sunscreen could help to lighten the scars and make them less obvious.

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